Survey programming

Unconstrained, we adapt your surveys to ensure their accessibility on all possible platforms. We use flexible tools to maximize the availability of your questionnaires, for optimal results.

B2B, B2C surveys

Whether you deal directly with individuals or even with other companies, we will do whatever is required to gather the necessary data. By either sending invitations or by linking directly from your webpage, we will provide you with valuable answers

Statistical data processing

Always accompanied by our faithful acolytes SPSS and Wincross, we are equipped to provide both simple cross-tabulated tables and complex multivariate analyses alike.

Joint analysis

Thanks to our mastery of the Sawtooth software, we handily perform CBC, ACBC, Maxdiff, and other types of analyses.

Data gathering

It is quite simple: all you need is a questionnaire and to contact us. The following steps are even simpler, as our objective is to provide you with efficient and precise data gathering. All you will need to do is wait for results and savour the demystification of your mysterious data.