Pierre founded Passages in 2010. His role is to ensure observance of the best methodologies and practices to guarantee the satisfaction of both clients and the Passages team alike.

What makes Pierre happy is seeing work done well, and expediently. A sunny day of sailing with 20-knot winds have also been known to make him every bit as happy.



Penelope is one of our web integrators and developers. She is distinguished by her ability to see beyond the obvious, explore alternative solutions and challenge the status quo.

For her, the best working method involves being accompanied by a good tea and surrounded by cats. Tea and chats also go perfectly with reading and movies.



Patrick is our statistical data processing specialist. After 10 years of experience in data analysis, it might be said that he has developed a close friendship with SPSS and Wincross.

Pat also fancies himself a comedian, and takes full responsibility for the other team members’ abundant laughter. Whenever he isn’t busy making his results sing, he enjoys immersing himself in the virtual worlds of video games.



Line is our web programmer, always looking for new ways to make our surveys more attractive and user-friendly.

The purring of her cats, arts & crafts, and loyal friends are all Line needs to brighten up her life. Beyond that, so long as there is coffee, there is hope!



Kate is one of our web integrators and developers. Always positive, she likes to turn your ideas into concrete solutions. She never stops learning and she is always focused on success.

Kate speaks 4 languages, and we’re not even counting computer languages. The best weekend for her is a weekend spent with her family.



Vincent is one of the web integrators and programmers. He embodies curiosity in all its forms, constantly seeking new perspectives and innovative solutions.

After optimizing a website, a line of code or your survey, Vincent tries to get his cats (yes he also likes cats) to come down from his painting office since brushes cannot be eaten.